All the Mallows w/ Marsh Street Sweets

When you live in a small community, everything worth knowing about, you'll hear through word of mouth at some point in crossing. It seems my list of blog features continues to grow bigger than myself but it's fricken' amazing to live in a community where the creative + tasty culture is ever-changing. In my opinion, It's a win-win.

Recently, I found myself nestled in bed enjoying a hot chocolate, because November/December calls for loads of it. Then I got thinking...wouldn't life be better with a plump homemade marshmallow from Marsh Street Sweets? It really was. This small discovery led me to meet owner of MSS, Sarah McNulty, also known as The Marshmallow Wiz. We haven't even hit December yet and I'm already thinking of all the wintery traditions. I mean, what says Christmas tradition better than gooey marshmallows melting away in a cup of hot cocoa - nadda! 

hot chocolate
hot chocolate

If you can imagine, Sarah's idea of owning a marshmallow business started from a trip to Vegas w/ her hubby. With a few slight detours, and unexpected roadblocks (mechanical bulls + whisky related), Sarah found herself eating her way through all the French bakeries down the Vegas strip. Homemade marshmallows were up and coming, and something that Clarksburg/Thornbury didn't have - but it was about to be her thing!

Marsh Street Sweets came to fruition in 2015, and has mostly been a one-woman show. The creating, tasting, packaging and selling is all done by Sarah herself (w/ a lil help from her friends and family). Now there's a bit of a science to creating these fluffy pillows of goodness but it's all about the waiting game. Patience is key! If you've been graced with one of these marshmallows, you'll know its worth the wait.

This treat comes in a variety of flavours and the experimenation is endless. Marsh Street Sweets takes full advantage of local fruit in the summer time and purees 100% fruit juice into her marshmallow flavours. No artificial fruit flavouring - always REAL. Cool, huh? As winter rolls around, you'll see less fruit-flavours and more winter inspired combinations such as gingerbread, peppermint, and baileys. (YA BAILEYS)

hot chocolate

On the winter roster are some classic flavours: Vanilla Bean (The Orig), Toasted Coconut, Baileys, Cinnamon Pear Balsamic + Black Berry Ginger Balsamic(w/ Collingwood Olive Oil Co. Balsamic), Peppermint, Candy Cane, Black Coal, + Nutella. 

This is the real hype on marshmallows - they are simple, sugary, delicious and Sarah is pumped about her creations! That's the gold right there. A local artisan so in love with what she does that you can't help but fall in love too. 

hot chocolate

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for updates on upcoming local markets where you can pick up a bag of mallows.

P.S. don't be afraid to message her if you are seeking bulk orders. These are perfect for any wintery day spent fireside, with a cup of hot cocoa in hand.  

Enjoy your winter as it rolls in peeps. It may get blowy, it may get snowy, but if you have a bag of these in your cupboards you'll be just fine. If you're asking me, I'm really looking forward to copious amounts of marshmallows and re-runs of Home Alone. Just sayin'.

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