Two Boss Babes Making Local Waves

It makes me so happy when I see local friends joining forces to bring change within our community, or as they like to say "making waves". Local gals Tamara Hibbard (Dream by Day) and Aysia Garbe (Bay Blue)  have recently teamed up to bring to life a series of artisan markets, aimed at bringing together Ontario crafters while raising awareness for local non-profits and initiatives. South Georgian Bay needs more of this!

The pair both have separate businesses, and are so extremely talented at what they do. Tamara, owner of Dream by Day, creates eclectic and whimsical dream catchers made from re-purposed materials. Aysia, owner of Bay Blue, crafts the most unique ceramic mugs + pots, each with their own distinct quirks. Combined, they bring together vibrant ideas, community goals and sparks of passionate energy which they hope to transform into wicked local markets. 

Dream by Day  - Handcrafted Dreamcatchers

Dream by Day - Handcrafted Dreamcatchers

Bay Blue  - Stunning Ceramic Mug

Bay Blue - Stunning Ceramic Mug

At these events, you're destined to see some familiar faces, but the beauty of these gatherings is that you always discover someone new doing something mega cool. Most times you end up leaving with a treasured find, a tasty treat and new friends (or at least that's my formula).

This small-town living is something to be desired. You can escape deep into the quiet trails of the beautiful Niagara Escarpment if you want or head into town and probably see more than 5 people you know. It's not hard to feel purpose in this area, and there are so many opportunities available to you that contribute to the greater good of our little home turf. Visiting one of these markets is just the beginning. 

make waves.png

Be sure to check out their next market on December 1st from 5:30 to 9:30pm at The Beaver Valley Community Centre in Thornbury. It's sure to be an evening of wonderful company!

All proceeds will go towards helping families in need over the holidays. A donation jar will be available if you’d like to spread some love to those who need it most.

If you're interested in being a vendor in one of their upcoming markets, reach out! Visit their Instagram for more information. 

Keep up the good work ladies! xx