Gnocchi on the Table at Azzurra

It's seriously about time that I share some drool-worthy images from one of my fave spots in Collingwood - Azzurra. This restaurant blows my mind every visit with their fresh flare and perfectly paired ingredients. It's no secret, this gem has it all - the ambiance, the flavours and most importantly, diversity.

The first time I set foot in Azzurra was for a going-away party. We laughed, drank copious amounts of wine and shared what seems to be the whole menu - it was perfect. In my opinion, there is no better way to eat food then to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Azzurra does this best. 

On the menu today we sampled the most delightful marriage of dishes. Joined by my pal MacKenzie, we dove in with a wicked asparagus dish and some crispy calamari w/ some of the most delicious batter I've ever had. Instant drool.

The feast didn't stop there, I promise you that. As we made our way to the main course, we sipped and sipped on some signature cocktails while preparing our taste buds for what was soon to be blog worthy. If you know me well, OF COURSE I ordered their staple dish, the sweet potato gnocchi. Is that even up for debate? There I was, staring at a plate of sweet potato gnocchi, bacon, brussels sprouts, sage, apple, maple syrup, + shaved reggiano while thinking to myself, "There will be no leftovers".

I won.

If you look closely, you can see that gorgeous glimmer from the maple syrup glaze. I'm about it!

                                    Roasted Fogo Island cod, warmed fingerling potatoes, radicchio, dill, lemon, arugula + cold pressed canola oil

                                    Roasted Fogo Island cod, warmed fingerling potatoes, radicchio, dill, lemon, arugula + cold pressed canola oil

                                                                                                        Compliments of Collingwood Bread Co.

                                                                                                        Compliments of Collingwood Bread Co.

This local joint has been in business for almost 20 years, and is still flooding with happy customers. With dynamic duo Andrea Greyerbiehl and Chef Leona Nyman running the show, it's a serious recipe for success. The two are constantly bringing new and fresh flavours onto the plate and always put out ever-changing seasonal menus that are both harmonious and in sync with their love of food. Bring the crew, congregate over thought-out food and sip on some punchy cocktails,  It won't disappoint. Well done, always!

Guys, it's the best feeling. It's the instant smiles and warm feels when I remember how great this town is.  It's a feeling close to home, literally. 

Thank you so much to both Andrea and Leona for yet another magical dining experience. You guys have some mad resto game (code: you rock.) See you soon!

P.S. Check out their Instagram feed and be sure to read below for a little Q+A with Andrea.


1. What can people expect from the new spring menu? Fresh flavours, changes weekly as more spring fare becomes ready.

2. What's your favourite dish on the menu? Fogo Island Cod. This fish is beautiful and pairs so well with the lemon gnocchi.

3. Favourite summery cocktail? Dillon's Cherry Gin Negroni - YUM! I am really loving Dillon's spirits right now.

4. What kind of atmosphere/experience does Azzurra strive for? Atmosphere : Lively, comfortable, convivial, informal Experience : easy, delicious, meaningful, exactly what you are in the mood for (whatever that may be)

5. Favourite ingredient to cook with at home? Broccoli. So weird right? I will often design an entire meal around broccoli. I have finally managed to instill my love of broccoli into my children as well.

6. Why do you love this area we call home? I'll be exploring it forever. Feels like there is always something wonderful within an hour of us that I haven't discovered yet!

7. When you and Chef Leona aren't running the restaurant, what can we find you doing on your day off? With our kids on the trails, on the water somewhere or wearing my other apron at Pom Pom serving (and eating) ice cream!!