SoCo. Food + Bar - Pizza On Wheels

If you're unaware, I'm a HUGE fan of the pizza. In particular, I love me a little wood-fired action so you can guess what I'm about to say next - I love love loved the SoCo. truck. 


Yet again, this is another business that prides themselves on utilizing all that is local. From the homemade ricotta, to the fresh veggie's all sourced from around the area. You've got to see this truck though - the pizzas are prepared on-site in the back of their truck! Cool huh!? 

Shout out to K. Ferguson Enterprises in Nottawa for their sleek metal fabrication work. It's a beaut.

This little joint recently made its debut in May and has been straight booming. You won't find it propped up in one location for too long since it's a hop-around type of food truck but it's worth the hunt. It's absolutely safe to say, I'm so pumped to follow this truck around the confines of Georgian Bay communities for a ooey-gooey slice or two.

My foodie adventures led me to Curries Farm Market today where the SoCo. Food + Bar had been serving up pies for the day. On my personal plate was the Curries Farm pizza piled high with local veg. You really do taste the difference. 


PSA: If you're knee deep in pizza love like myself, you'll know what a perfectly dressed + cooked pizza makes you feel. It's that all day, every day type of love. For the record, I always opt for a cold pizza breakfast if available. This IS the pizza I'd eat for breakfast and that's a lot coming from me. 

If you ask me, that's a done deal. 

Things to know about the SoCo. Food + Bar (in case you weren't convinced quite yet)

  1. Pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients
  2. Passionate owners who love what they do - which shows in the quality 100%
  3. THEY ONNNN WHEELS - check their social feed for upcoming events & locations

IG: @soco.foodandbar   

See you soon SoCo. because let's be real, I won't be able to stay away.

Any takers?