Guest Post: A Guide for Vegan Hotspots in Collingwood, Ontario

Hi friends! We all remember my pal Laura Jennings from Wilderness Soap Co. right? This time last year last year, I shared with you a feature on all her dreamy, vegan, soap + skin care products. If you don't remember you can read up here

I've invited Wilderness Soap Co. Owner, Laura, to share with us her fave vegan restaurants and shops in Collingwood as she leads a plant-based lifestyle each and every day. Living in a small town can be hard for options but there are some flavourful, vegan-friendly spots worth mentioning for those on the hunt. 


Due to health and personal reasons, this past spring I made the switch from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet with a focus on whole foods. It's safe to say I haven't looked back! Since making the change, I have noticed a significant increase in energy, a more consistent sleep pattern and many of my allergies have subsided. I am feeling healthier as a whole and would love to share with you some of my favourite local vegan food stops! 

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Bent Taco
This is my go-to place, always going at least once a week. Perfect for a weekend date night - always with a side of margaritas. Most of their menu items can be veganized which is awesome!

  • My favourite dish to order is the buffalo fried cauliflower taco. They use a chickpea batter to coat the cauli (which doesn’t involve eggs) and the scallion crema is made with veganaise. 
  • The avocado and beet chorizo burrito is another item I frequently order. They are full of protein, and just SO good.
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Pie Pizza 
I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for pizza and I love it here because most of their pizzas can be made meatless and without cheese.

  • Favourite is their veggie pizza which is loaded with all the fresh veg possible. 

Gibson & Co

  •  I love going here for a late-evening snack or for a girls night out. They have an amazing selection of wine and whiskey and you can't help but get cozy in their super moody atmosphere. My go-to is the olive tapenade or their beet hummus with toasted pita points. Dee-lish! 

The Wild Stand
This place is seriously the cutest and is built in a Quonset hut. Can’t get any more unique than that!  

  • They offer a lot of vegan snacks and lunch options
  • Tons of locally sourced produce and vegan packaged goods.
  • Carry vegan health and beauty products including Wilderness Soap Co.

Baked & Pickled

  • My go-to place for a quick lunch midweek while in the midst of soap-making. 
  • My favourite vegan options are the Veggie Chorizo (vegan sausage made from tofu) or the Veggie burrito packed with beans, fire rice, salsa, guac and hot sauce to spice it up. But let's not kid anyone, I eat hot sauce on everything!

The Collingwood Real Food Mart
This is where I do the majority of our grocery shopping due to the wide range of vegan packaged goods and Ontario sourced produce. 
Go-to products:

  • Vegan cheese - Nuts for Cheese is my all time fave and it's all cashew based. Such a treat!
  • Chickapea which is a two-ingredient, high protein, vegan pasta made from chickpeas and lentils. 
  • Amy's Organics - delicious vegan chilli made with tofu instead of beef

Press Juice Co.
This adorable little shop is located not too far from my neighbourhood and just a quick bike ride away.

  • They offer up a selection of cold-pressed juices courtesy of ELXR Juice Lab in Toronto, ON. If I'm feeling a flu coming on, you can bet my fridge is stocked with ginger shots. They pack a punch.
  • Amazing smoothies with nut mylk! 
  • The best thing about this joint is the build-your-own salad bar. Fresh ingredients + homemade dressings for the win. A few of my go-to toppings are the marinated tofu for protein, nutrient-rich roasted sweet potato, spiralled beets and cucumber, and a few pumpkin seeds for crunch.
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Espresso Post
While I'm mostly an Americano drinker (black), sometimes I like to switch things up and opt for an almond milk latte. I typically stop here for an afternoon pick-me-up while out for a walk with the dogs. SO good to have these non-dairy options. 

Tremont Cafe
This restaurant is my favourite place to hit up on date night with my partner. I love the vibe and their vegan offerings

  • The crispy brussel sprouts minus the cheese are a crunchy starter. These little guys are drizzled in olive oil and roasted until crispy brown. Absolutely phenomenal. 
  • For my main course, I rotate between the seasonal mixed green salad with the seared tofu and the chickpea and lentil curry dish. Both are high in protein and the flavours are on point. 

What are your favourite vegan food stops in Collingwood? I'd love to know.