Moonstone For A Cause

Hiiiii friends!

One of the perks of living in a small town is that feeling of community support. You know almost everyone, whether it be through Facebook, or through so + so, and naturally want to help the local community prosper no matter what. And if you don't, you should. Today, I want to show support to a local beauty Amy Finn, and her Antenatal Christmas Fundraiser. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Amy Finn + her precious babe Fox just last week and they are just the sweetest little duo. Through the fundraiser page and our one-on-one, I learned that she spent 10 weeks of her pregnancy in the Antenatal Unit of the Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario (In simple terms - it's a unit dedicated to special care for women experiencing pregnancy complications). Lucky for her, she was discharged a week before Christmas and was able to come home and spend the holidays with her loved ones.  With October being pregnancy awareness month, Amy has been busy creating handmade moonstone necklaces to raise money for women who won't have the comfort of going home this Christmas.  How sweet is that!? After receiving such quality care during her stay in London, She wanted to do something kind for others given the time of year.


Moonstone a gem full of healing properties and helps harness strong feminine energy from the moon. It is said to bring hope, enhance sensitivity, intuition and psychic abilities. And above all, Moonstone is a gorgeous stone full of protection during childbirth and pregnancy, which makes it such a wonderful choice for this fundraiser.

Check out these necklaces -  they are beautiful 18" sterling silver chains with hand-cut moonstones (that look a little bit like wombs). 

I'm blown away about how passionate and selfless Amy is. This lovely lady is dedicating so much heart, and time creating these little pieces of happiness to benefit other women. The goal is to sell 100 necklaces ($25.00 each) before December 1st with all profits going towards creating holiday baskets for the women at the hospital. She hopes to include a gift certificate to Babies R' Us, local skincare products, and of course, a moonstone necklace to help these women stay positive as well as look + feel beautiful. You are an admirable woman, Amy! 

I sit here and think of how lit up with joy these women will be on Christmas day to open such a thoughtful gift. By purchasing a necklace, you will be paying it forward and making some lovely ladies feel extraordinarily special. Amy will be at the Artisan Fair at Ormsby's Garden Centre on Saturday November 5th with the goods. Get there + let's all help Amy reach her goal of selling 100 necklaces. See below for other ways to purchase these beauties!

Here are the deets:

Orders must be made by December 1st! How?

  1. E-transfer: In a separate email to, please include your name, necklace quantity, phone number, email, mailing address, and password to collect the E-transfer.
  2. Cash: In a sealed envelope, include your $25.00, and personal information (name, phone number, email, mailing address) and bring to Bonnie at the Beaver Valley Outreach in Thornbury.
  3. If neither of these options work for you, contact Amy. She's a sweetheart and will accommodate what's easiest for you!

Necklaces will be available for pick up starting December 5th at the BVO. If you do not live in the Thornbury area, please shoot Amy an email to work something out!