Stef Richardon

Hi Friends! Welcome to my blog.

Lokal Digs is a space I created to jive about local people, places and things in the heart of Georgian Bay communities. I consider myself a small town gal with an interest for all things food, culture, community & people. Conceived over Sunday brunch, Lokal Digs was inspired by the love and respect I have for local artisans, small businesses and restaurants that flood these boomin’ hubs. There is something super special about living in a tight-knit community where we can see first hand where a product was created, grown, and nurtured. It gives me all the satisfying feels! 

I'm all about the unique + handmade gems and this is my pledge to give you a straight-up 'lokal' perspective. There's never too little of all the good stuff - local sustainable practice, fresh seasonal Ontario produce, maple syrup straight from the tree, handcrafted artisanal goods and restaurants pumping out delicious food.

Let's dig it together.