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Always Cooking With Soul - Jeff Beltran

Known for his Ch’waffle creations and most recently his ramen pop-up events at Gibson and Company, Collingwood local Jeff Beltran deserves a high-five and gold star for his flavour packed dishes. Dishes likes the breakfast poutine he whipped up for me a few years ago that I’m STILL talking about. He’s a true local gem!

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The Daisy Market - Bringing Change To Our Community

One step into The Daisy Market and it’s hard not to feel instantly welcomed. First impression leaves you appreciating the open concept space that with a range of wonderful products that promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and a waste-less mindset, something I personally want to educate myself on a little more. Prior to opening, Owner Cass Dinsmore had been searching for that one thing that she felt passionate about and that one thing she could wake up and love doing – turns out The Daisy Market is that one thing.

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Joel Gray - The Harvest Dinner Series

I wish I could grant you the opportunity to taste what you're about to view in these photos, but that isn't possible (yet).  Here in words, I've captured my experience in hopes that by the end of this post, you'll be inspired to plan a visit over to Flesherton and witness the magic, flavour and heart that goes into these harvest dinners. 

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