Happy Birthday, Lokal Digs. You Are Two!

The fact that two years have come and gone in a pinch still amazes me. Oh my blog, you were conceptualized over morning brunch and brought to life by a creative spark nested within, ready to set flame. Guys, having a blog is comparable to owning a business. You create a brand, a voice, a standard, a reputation and it's hard work. But you know, I wouldn't change a thing about it. That feeling that rushes in the minute you click publish is nothing short of magical.  Above all, it's my baby and although at times I haven't given it as much recognition as it deserves, I'm so damn proud of what it has become. 


Lokal Digs to me, and always will be a spot where I rave about the many local wonders and kick ass people in the South Georgian Bay area. It's a platform to show my deep deep love for all things culture, community and of course, my foodie adventures. I don't think I'll ever know it all but knowing that there are a handful of local businesses ready to be found in the hidden nooks of this county is a satisfying thought alone. And the cherry on top, I get to do it with the ones I love. All about dat lokal love. 

From the bottom of my huge heart though (which is the shape of a pizza slice), I want to say thank you to all who have taken a moment out of your day to read my posts, toss a like, or even send me a kind message. Thank you to those readers who have introduced themselves to me while I've been packing bags at Curries Farm Market, or blending smoothies at Press Juice Co...you don't know how much those interactions meant to me. Thank you to anyone who has let their food go cold as I stumbled to get the perfect shot - you are the real MVP.  


To close off another year, I'm rounding up a couple things I've learned as a blogger but also as a growing human. It keeps on getting better, my friends!

Lead with passion - What's the point in writing about something that doesn't make you happy? Go with your gut, stay true to why you started this whole journey, and do what makes your creative juices flow. No doubt, there were periods when I thought about incorporating this, changing that, branching out here and almost every time I was graced with a 'what dafuq' moment where I reminded myself why I started this - out of passion. Stay true to it girllll because it's YOU and it'll mean more. 

Don't wear yourself thin - This is a concept that I'm still trying to grasp, and I'll continue to work this into my every day but guys, it's hard!  Naturally, I don't want to miss a single thing, or disappoint a single person but sometimes you really have to put yourself in the number one spot. I've been fortunate enough to have some wicked opportunities arise but when I know deep down the timing is wrong, or mentally + physically I'm tapped out - that's when I should say no. Do your best with what you're given and take on projects that leave you fulfilled, not overloaded. 

Not everyone will love what you do - This is SO important to remind myself. Don't get wrapped up in the likes + comments because there is much more to gage. Not everyone one you know, even your closest friends, will have the chance or interest to read your feature. That's O.K. Trust me when I say that it took me a while to get to that point. I couldn't help but take it personally but you know what? Stay focused on the message you're trying to make, give it all the heart you got and surely it'll reach the right people. I mean, who doesn't love local right? But for real, I'm doing this for me first. 


I gotta say, the special humans that are connected to me both online and offline are really what drive Lokal Digs to be the success that it is. Thank you + let's continue to dig all the good stuff together.

Love Stef