Sliding into 2018 with My Best Foot Forward

As we kiss away sweet ol' 2017, I'm reminded of all that it was: growth, hardships, successes and of course tons of pizza. If I'm being straight though, as much as it was good, it was packed with dreary afternoons followed by self realizations (the ones that you're excited for). For the most part, in my everyday I try to illuminate positivity and humour for my friends who count on that, but some days (and more than you'd know) I feel like shit and sit in bed feeling all of the emotions. Some days are worse than others, and even years have topped the cake but I think being sad is a part of being human. We get stronger from it. Because with pain comes an opportunity for growth and as much as I scream for it to end, the feeling on the other side is worth waiting for. 


It's no secret that I am a people person. I'm outgoing on most days, introverted when I need a reset but I've always had the ultimate goal of making others happy. It's just what I do. But with that constant motion of pleasing others, at times I lose sight of my own happiness and end up crashing into that infamous wall (imagine a piece of paper crumpled up - thats what my brain envisions). It's safe to say that I'm still trying to figure out my inner workings, and it's ok if you are too. We give and we give and we give, and we become exhausted.

Be who you are for other people, sure, but don't forget to be who you want to be for yourself. This was my big realization of 2017 and I have to say it feels PHENOM. 

All this to say, I'm not perfect but I do love myself a little more each and every day. I'm one helluva complex human being who wouldn't change a damn thing about this life even when it seems tough. I gotta say though, this year has also brought upon magical people, and experiences worth remembering. I celebrated 4 weddings with some of my closest pals, met some incredible people, my blog turned 1 year old, I travelled to Aruba + Nashville, chopped 7 inches off my hair, turned the whopping 2-5, and I upscaled to a queen bed (small wins). 

So, thank you!



Ringing in the year is always such an exciting moment. Champagne is popped (my favourite), fancy dresses are worn and resolutions are made. As I slide into 2018, I'm committing to the most important goal of all: SELF CARE. You know why? because when I am my best self, which is the version I know you all want to be around, I can make shit happen. 

Here's my personal checklist for a bomb 2018:

1. Be good to myself - You want to order a pizza? do it. You want to hit the spa with your gals? do it. You want to spend the day not replying to text messages? do it. Have your days, we all need them. 

2. Be a positive friend to others - I'm a preacher of originality, quirky qualities, and being your true self. Giving others their deserved validation and creating a comfortable environment for communication, makes me feel so warm. Listening is key, and I'll always lend an ear if you need it. 

3. Appreciate the past but don't let it hinder your growth - Who you are today is an accumulation of all previous moments. They shaped you, got the best of you, veered you in new directions but they brought you forward. Understand and appreciate what brought you here, don't re-open old wounds but stay focused and continue to latch on to inspiring, creative, exciting and loving moments.

4. Jump at opportunities - Lately I've found myself saying "you just never know" and it's so so true. Put yourself out there because the people you meet may just be the key to you're next business opportunity, your next fling, or whatever you've been waiting for. As an aside, next time you see someone intrigueing in your small town grocery store, harness the courage and say something. Because you just never know (directed at a friend, ha). 

5. Say "no" more often - This happens to me way too often. I'm very grateful to have such a diverse group of friends who are always game to meet up, grab lunch, or tour the town (and most times it's me who makes all of the plans). However, it is my responsibility to myself to know when I'm wearing myself thin, and keep that balance in check. I want to say yes, I want to be present, but I also have little ol' me to take care of, and a bank account that weighs on me more than it should. If not this time, next time. 

6. Eat more pizza - Self explanatory. 

What are your resolutions for 2018? Wishing you the best year filled with days, minutes, seconds and the most precious moments.