The Juicy Scoop: 10 Facts About Lokal Digs

There are many days, minutes and seconds that I sit behind my screen, sharing local gems and places I highly recommend visiting. Most of you know me as "Lokal Digs" but don't know much about my life and my every day. You know, the things that make me tick, or drool, or my guilty pleasures (t.v. shows, treats, etc.) Throughout my work, I strive to be as transparent as possible with my opinions and think it'd be pretty cool for you to know a bit more about this local gal who seems to talk about everyone else but herself. Other than my obsession with food (duh), scroll down and see what else is cooking in my kitchen. 

Photos: Alyssa Fleming

Photos: Alyssa Fleming

  1.  I consider myself born and raised in Meaford however it actually states on my birth certificate that it was Charlottetown, PE where I was delivered. That is the truth, but when you move to the Meaf Nation two weeks later, you're practically b+r right? Or maybe that's where I get my burnin' love for french fries from?
  2. No debating - always pineapple on pizza. If you have a problem with that, then I guarantee that you're taking life too seriously. I'm a big fan. 
  3. Since the beginning of time, I've been a gift giver. I love the act of giving and the feeling it evokes on my loved ones. Seeing their face light up from a thoughtful letter, a birthday gift or even just one of my silly raps is priceless. 
  4. I'm not sure why, but my two favourite words are combo and crispy. 
  5. I love going bowling on a first date. I'm pretty lucky when it comes to the 5 pin lanes and is there anything more fun than sipping pints in a competitive environment? I play to win. 
  6. At least once a week I get a crazy-out-of-this-world craving for The Leeky Canoe. What is that you ask? It's not a thing, it's a place that makes the best comfort food in the heart of Meaford, Ontario. It's what dreams are made of, and something you sure miss when you've left home for a while. 
  7. I believe you need at least 4 hugs a day. Human connection people - it's so powerful. 
  8. I'm a gal who brunches. If I could, I would every day. Anything that screams breakfast, you can count me in - egg sammies, mimosas, fruit, french toast, avo toast, homefries and cereal (the boring kinds).
  9. My ideal summer night is spent with my closest friends, a locally purchased cheese board, lawn games and capped with interesting conversation. 
  10. Before "Lokal Digs" was a thing, I had planned to write a book. I realized soon how big of a task that was, and that a blog might be a better way to channel my energy. I'm happy with the decision but I'm still open to the idea. 

Above all, I like to keep things real. This blog of mine has been a journey and it's only speeding up. There will be people, places and things that I haven't heard of, so tell me about your finds! Lokal Digs is for you as much as it is for me and that's what makes it so exciting. 

Tell me something unique - I'd love to know.

XO Stef