Primitive Patterns - Helping Us Reconnect Through Fitness

WORDS: Stef Richardson | PHOTOS: Alyssa Fleming

Nothing quite compares to a sunrise, sunset or midday hang by Georgian Bay. The crashing waves against the edgy pebbles, the side view of the iconic grain terminals and the wind so calm as it brushes across your face. This right here perfectly describes one of Collingwood’s favourite spots, Sunset Point, and is where lifestyle and wellness brand ‘Primitive Patterns’ has popped up shop for the summer.

Primitive Patterns is becoming locally known for their dynamic outdoor fitness classes that they run at the heart of Sunset Point, the inukshuk. Rain or shine the team is 100% committed to providing you with an experience that’ll leave you replenished, connected and clear minded. Currently they have 5 trained instructors on the roster, each bringing their own unique educational knowledge and passion to the programs - each and every day.

Primitive Team: Brothers Luke, Jake and Josh Burella, Tate Funston, + Cole Martin

Primitive Patterns

Last year, Primitive offered free circuit classes every Saturday morning – coffee included! Actually, that’s how I first heard about them. I thought, what a cool idea – a group of young + passionate pals getting their brand out there and doing what they love. I was diggin’ it. On top of working full-time on weekends, being an avid farmer’s market go-er and being notorious for spreading myself paper thin, I just wasn’t able to make it out. This is the season. The season that I’ll sacrifice Saturday morning perogies for a little self-love investment. Well, at least save them for after I meet up with the PP tribe of course.

Primitive Patterns

Flash-forward to summer 2019, and the crew has expanded and released a wicked new class schedule that they’ll be running throughout the week, all summer long. Each class is designed and ready-to-rock for ALL fitness levels. Even I’ll be taking advantage of the ‘mods’ here and there and I’m not ashamed about it. My motto: Show up, put your heart into it, get a sweat on and that’s already deserving of a pat on the back.

Class Offerings: Run and Gun, Trail Runs, Primitive Circuit, Water and Sand + Rise and Shine.

 At the core, Primitive Patterns aims to ‘help others create a healthy, vibrant and still inner world’ which in turn garners confidence, good health and positive energy that can be shared with others or nurtured within. That resonates with me SO MUCH. Moving my body has been beneficial for my own mental health and really is the best way to start the day. I can confidently say that the inner confidence is just as importance as the outer and that stems from a balance of life’s good stuff. As the seasons change as quickly as my priorities, I’m often reminding myself what makes me happy. And more often than not, I come full circle to good friends, good food and a healthy and happy mind.


On top of helping YOU, Primitive Patterns wants to give some local love to our community throughout their journey. They will continue hosting free workouts on Saturday mornings at Sunset Point (beginning Saturday June 8th from 9-10am), planning yearly events in support of local charities as well as providing tools, resources and support to small villages in Nicaragua where they have started hosting winter retreats (follow their social media for future updates).  Just last year, brothers Jake and Josh Burella took on a 16km open water swim from Wasaga Beach to the Collingwood Harbour in support of mental health. Makes my heart warm – way to go guys! This town needs more of this good feel, community love type of intention.

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Stunning venue + dynamic workouts all done in the presence of Mother Nature - you in yet? If you head on over to their website under ‘Join Our Gym’ you can browse/purchase an monthly membership for $50! That’s a crazy good investment. Word on the street (from the PP guys) is that they only have 20 more spots left for their summer workouts. This is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself and to be a part of something great. Alyssa and I will be there and we hope to see you too!

Primitive Patterns

Q+A with Luke Burella (over tea, many tea’s)

Why do you love Collingwood? I grew up here with my brothers, headed off to school, travelled quite a bit and have made my way back to the area. I’ve always loved the mix of beautiful natural settings and a thriving local economy, both creative and unique. Collingwood feels like home and this is exactly where I want to be. People, the things you can do, the amazing local businesses - right here in Canada, too! A perfect mix of everything you could ever want.

What are you up to when you’re not hustling with Primitive Patterns? I love to read, write, surf and anything that screams adventure. I’ll always be up for anything that gets your adrenaline going or offers an opportunity to experience a new form of movement. Secretly, I enjoy writing poetry.

How important is your team? Every member of our team has put a lot of work, hours, and dedication into the programs in order to get them off the ground. We treat each other as equals and value each individual role to the company as a whole. They are like family.

Primitive Patterns

Follow Primitive Patterns on Facebook + Instagram to stay in the know. Have questions? Reach out, they’d love to hear from you!