Gettin' Saucy w/ Mexican Street Corn

Straight up - I've been dying to try this recipe out for some time now and I FINALLY got to shuckin'. When summer hits, the produce in Ontario is unreal and when you see your local farm markets advertising that they have Ontario sweet corn picked and ready to go, you're immediately en route to grab some. 

There is something so satisfying about a crunchy yet sweet cob of corn. It's the definition of summer, embodying all that is Ontario: A farmer's crop, freshly grown, and hand picked next door. I jumped on this local corn bandwagon real quick, just as quick as it took me to whip up these bad boys. 

THEY WERE BADDDDD ASS (in the so freakin' saucy awesome type o' way)

PSA - I'm in a full summer state of mind and I'll be milking every ounce of the good stuff for as long as possible. I plan to spend the rest of these muggy August nights, appreciating the calm waters of Georgian Bay, sipping on something fresh while enjoying some eats amongst friends. That's the winning combination. 

Mexican corn on the cob

If you're looking for something quick, saucy and something that's straight up a crowd pleasure, I highly suggest you serve up some Mexican style street corn. Produce P/U from Goldsmiths Orchard Market in Thornbury, Ontario.

Mexican Style Street Corn

Ingredients:  8 cobs of corn / 1/4 cup mayo / 1 cup sour cream / 1 cup cilantro chopped fine / crumbly feta / 1 lime / chili powder to taste 

  1. Fire up the BBQ - I cranked mine to 400 degrees. 
  2. Shuck your cobs!
  3. Place corn in bbq - turn frequently until cooked through + charred to your liking.
  4. While corn is grilling, mix together the mayo, sour cream, and finely chopped cilantro. Sprinkle in as much chili powder as you please.
  5. Once the corn is charred to perfection (OH YAS, BURNT CHAR), remove from bbq and transfer to a plate. Lather on that sauce. Don't be shy. 
  6. Sprinkle on the crumbly feta + squeeze a generous amount of lime over the cobs. Feel free to add extra chili powder for good luck!

This could be my new favourite summer dish. What's yours?

(Recipe altered but inspired by The Recipe Critic)