Happy Birthday, Lokal Digs!

Eeek! I can't believe Lokal Digs has hit the one-year mark! It seems only a hop, skip and a jump ago that I was sitting at a friends house, wondering what 'my next best thing' was going to be. Little did I know that a small blog would turn into a hobby that I'm super passionate about. The best part of this year has been the incredible humans I've jived with along the way and the joy that they bring into my day. YOU are my driving force. 

Maybe you've also been wondering by now, and we all have...Why I spell Lokal with a 'K'. I'll tell you that I've always done everything a little differently in this life of mine. Lokal Digs was created to give readers a truly lokal, unique, genuine, and fun experience. I'm a jump outside of the box type o' gal and you should know from now on, don't question it! It's my thang. 

                  Tacos + cocktails are always a good idea when a celebration is in order.

                  Tacos + cocktails are always a good idea when a celebration is in order.

Amongst the hustle, bustle and online buzz that is life - It's super important to reflect. I've taken some time on this rainy Sunday to jot down 3 things I've learned after my first year at the gig. 

  1. DIFY (Do It For Yourself) - It's so easy to compare yourself to everyone out there doing slightly the same things as you, but stoooppppp. This blog started from the love I have for my local neighbours, who produce, create, and whip up some wicked stuff! That's what it always needs to be about. If there is no love + passion behind what you do, why do it? 
  2. Work Hard, Play Harder - Creating fresh content, and the behind-the-scenes work, takes more time than you'd imagine. Being my own creative director, gives me the ultimate freedoms but they come at a mental price at times. O.K, so I said I would have a blog post ready for Monday, which became Thursday - and I'm really beating myself up over it. But you know what? Life isn't over. Are you melting? Didn't think so. This blogging gig is fun and sometimes stressful, but I want Lokal Digs to ALWAYS be about next level, raw and genuine experiences (for you + for me). 
  3. The Exploring Never Ends - When you grow up in a small town, for quite some time you remember it as "nothing to do there", "country and apples" and "everyone knows everyone". When I moved back, I realized that Meaford and the surrounding area had clung on to something magical: community support, entrepreneurship, and elevating locally grown & foraged food to new heights. That my friends, is what I consider the foundation of Lokal Digs. The minute I feel certain I've seen it all, I'm quickly reminded that there is no end and that's what keeps my local love burning. 

Mucho thanks to everyone who took the time to hear me out, or share a meal with yours truly! Year two is going to be a blast, and heading into summer - my predictions shout yummy cocktails, patio hangs and cool farmers market finds.  

Big love from Lokal Digs.